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Get Busy, Get Down

8 thoughts on “ Get Busy, Get Down

  1. Voodoor
    Gotta Get Busy Lyrics: Gotta get bizzy cos I know I'm down / Gotta get bizzy cos I know I'm down / Gotta, gotta, get bizzy, get bizzy cos I know, cos I know I'm down.
  2. Akinojora
    Aug 30,  · I'ma get that bag like I don't know how to lose (Lose) Top fly wit' a shawty, she ain't ever seen these views (Seen these views) My nigga say he wanna see me shine like I was jewels (Shine).
  3. Mezijas
    We gotta get down, down, down, down Hit it! (busy, busy, busy, busy, busy) Go on, Godfather - a-what we gonna do? Keep stickin', stick and move - stick and move Stick, stick, move (Get busy!).
  4. Gutaur
    Nov 12,  · Get Busy Lyrics: Shake dat ting miss, Cana, Cana / Shake dat ting miss, Annabella / Shake dat ting yow, Donna Donna / Jodi and Rebecca / Woman, get busy .
  5. Kazikree
    Woman Get busy, Just shake that booty non-stop. When the beat drops. Just keep swinging it. Get jiggy. Get crunked up. Percolate anything you want to call it. Oscillate you hip and don't take pity. Me want fi see you get live 'pon the riddim when me ride. And me lyrics a provide electricity. Gal nobody can tell you nuttinCan you done know your destiny.
  6. Balabar
    Feb 22,  · Get Busy Sean Paul Listen to the song for the down beats. In the "Shake that thing " sections, I strum with the way Sean Paul phrases his syllables. Use rhythmic strumming and muting in the verses because they can get tedious.

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